DANGEROUS weather in UAE: Doctors issue warning!

Here's what you need to know if you live in the UAE
ByAndre NevelingThursday , 03 September 2015
DANGEROUS weather in UAE: Doctors issue warning!
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Weather warning in the UAE

Just when we thought temperatures were cooling down in the UAE, we’ve been hit with another dose of soaring summer heat. Humidity levels are set to hit a whopping 95 per cent in some parts of the country today, forcing doctors to issue warnings to anyone suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

The body’s cardiovascular system is put under increased strain when humidity levels increase, which is not good news for heart disorder patients. Dr El Hakim, a senior advisor to Pharmaceutical firm Cinfa, told The National newspaper: “When temperatures rise, the body works hard to maintain a normal temperature of about 37°C. This is done through radiating the heat away from the body, and evaporating sweat molecules,” he explained. “Both of these natural methods of cooling down require the heart to pump faster and harder to eliminate the heat, and are made more difficult with high humidity levels. While people with normally functioning hearts can more easily adapt to these changes, CVD patients must take precautionary measures to ensure their hearts are able to cope with the added strain,” he added.

Temperatures in Abu Dhabi are expected to hit 42°C today, with Dubai slightly cooler at 38°C. However, due the humidity levels at 60 per cent, it’s still going to be pretty difficult to be outside. Sadly, the worst will be Fujairah and the Northern Emirates, where the humidity levels will be hitting 95 per cent. In fact, the humidity is expected to stay around 90 per cent in the Nortern Emirates all weekend.

Luckily for Dubai residents, the weather is expected to peak at 39°C over the weekend, with humidity levels dropping to 48 per cent.

Abu Dhabi will be warmer, with temperatures peaking at 42°C, and humidity levels at 65 per cent.

Stay hydrated, people! 

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