Danger, Danger! High Voltage!

26 Feb 2015

Battery Man's coming back to Dubai!

He can withstand 20,000 volts of electricity in one hit and can heat a cup of water to 97 degrees Celsius – and you could see Battery Man up close!

The Serb circus-style performer, real name Slavisa Pajkic, has scientists scratching their heads because he can withstand high voltages without feeling a thing, powering up lightbulbs and sizzling sausages with electricity conducted through his body.

He wowed clubbers at Cirque le Soir’s Freaks and Beats night back in November, and says he’s looking forward to his stint there this Friday.

“Dubai is one of the most exciting places I’ve performed,” he says. “It’s clear that not everyone here is used to seeing acts like mine, which is a great treat!

“Cirque le Soir is totally unique in Dubai, making it the best location for my performances. I’m even thinking of breaking another World Record here – the challenge I have in mind is extremely risky!”

The Fairmont Dubai nightspot is known for bringing outlandish acts to the city. Last August, it attracted headlines when the world’s most pierced man, Germany’s Rolf Buccholz, was booked to appear at the club but was refused entry by authorities upon arrival at Dubai airport worried his appearance might alarm some of the country’s more superstitious inhabitants. Yet Battery Man remains undeterred.

“No other place in the UAE would be willing to host such a performance and this will most definitely not be my last time here,” he enthuses.

“For anyone looking to head down to Cirque this weekend, you can expect to see all the scandalous and wonderful elements that Cirque le Soir offers, but my Battery Man performance is something you will never forget.

“The power of electricity is an incredible thing. Mix that with the human body... you’ll have to visit to find out the rest!”

INFO: 10pm-3am, Fri 27 Feb, Fairmont Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, 04 332 4900,