Dane Bowers

The former Another Level singer and British DJ who’s made Dubai his home
Thursday , 29 March 2018
Dane Bowers
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Dane Bowers
  • I wasn’t sure how I would feel about living in the UAE, but I’ve found it to be such a great place. You really need to get in touch with the culture and lifestyle here but, when you do, and when you fully respect it, then it’s an amazing place to be.
  • I feel I’ve really grown the ladies’ night at Atelier M, which I’m really proud of. We have a great atmosphere and a great crowd.
  • I can’t wait to get started on my Heart107.1 radio show
  • People who work hard and have unique ideas inspire me. It’s so easy to get by doing what everyone else does, but trying to be innovative or trying to push boundaries is inspiring. My hat goes off to anyone trying to be that kind of person in Dubai.
  • Getting Come Dine Dubai off the ground is something that I feel great about. A brand-new concept that is now part of my new radio show, I get to visit some of the best restaurants in Dubai and we film myself and the chef making one of their signature dishes while I interview them.

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