Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl!

Who would have thought that Dan Humphrey, aka Penn Badgley, would turn out to be Gossip Girl!
Wednesday , 26 December 2012
Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl!
It was me!

Dan Humphrey?! We would never have guessed! One of our very fave shows, Gossip Girl, has come to an end and we absolutely loved the last season, including the total shock reveal of Dan Humphrey, aka Penn Badgley, as Gossip Girl! While we have a few probs with the details, like why was Dan always reading the Gossip Girl updates on his phone when he was alone if he wrote them, we love the twist. We would never have guessed that Dan was GG! We were thinking Jenny, Vanessa or even Dorota, but not Dan! He revealed to Rufus, “Jenny wanted to get on Gossip Girl. She’s known it was me for years.” Who knew Jenny Humphrey could keep a secret. Well, it’s the end of an era folks, we’re so going to miss our Gossip girls and boys!

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