Cyril Zammit & Katja Sander

The organisers of Design Days
Cyril Zammit & Katja Sander
Cyril Zammit & Katja Sander

As part of the team behind Dubai’s inaugural Design Days fair, this French director and German fair manager worked to showcase bespoke and collectible items from across the globe all under one roof.

Tell us about Design Days Dubai.
Cyril: With the art scene maturing, design is the natural next step. It’s a fascinating market and we’re seeing more people collecting modern works. We wanted this fair to be considered a contemporary with the well-established fairs in America and Europe. We created the event in nine months and put Dubai on the map as one of the only cities in the world to host both an art and a design fair in the same month.

What’s different this year?
Katja: Almost 70 per cent of last year’s galleries are returning to Dubai this March, but I’m very excited about having newcomers from Australia, Mexico and Lebanon with unique pieces showcased for the first time in Dubai.

Have you got a personal passion for design yourself?
Katja: Yes, I couldn’t spend most of my day with something I’m not passionate about. I have a business and art history background.

Do either of you own a most treasured piece?
Cyril: I’ve bought several pieces since I first got involved in the design world. My first piece is probably the one that is the dearest to me – a chair by Maarten Baas.