Cyclone in the UAE: Updated weather report!

Cyclone in the UAE: Updated weather report!

10 Jun 2015

So is Cyclone Ashobaa hitting the UAE or not? We’ve got the deets!

Just yesterday we reported that a cyclone was going to potentially hit the UAE this week. Cyclone Ashobaa, which has already made a stop in Oman, is expected to now miss the UAE and will instead be moving north of the Gulf.

“This kind of tropical depression is commonly formed in this area and every year there is a chance of it occurring,” said Ahmed Habib, a meteorologist at National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology. “Tropical depression starts as low-pressure winds deepen. The clouds also combine to make one big cloud, the combination of which can cause strong winds, heavy rains and thunderstorms.”

Even though the cyclone won’t be affecting the UAE, temperatures here will still drop significantly in the next few days. Not that we’re complaining! Also expect strong winds, rough seas, reduced visibility and dusty conditions for the next two days. The sea will be very rough with waves up to seven feet high, so beachgoers be warned!

Warnings have also been issued across the coastal areas of Muscat and Sur.