Curvy Spice

Baby Spice Emma Bunton refuses to slim down to conform to size zero culture
Sunday , 06 July 2008
Curvy Spice
Emma is proud of her womanly figure

Former SPICE GIRL EMMA BUNTON loves her womanly curves, and has vowed never to give up tasty treats to be a size zero.

The singer, who had her first child Beau last year, battled to slim down after the birth to shape up for the Spice Girls' reunion tour which kicked off in Canada in December.

But, unlike her fellow Spice Girl VICTORIA BECKHAM, the star has overcome her weight woes and says she now loves her womanly curves.

She tells Britain's Red magazine, "I like being curvy. I don't think I look good thin. I'm careful. I don't have carbs for dinner, but I love crisps and Coke and great wine and Chinese food."

She adds, "I could never be one of those people who thinks about their figure 24/7."