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Crystal Clear at Bliss Spa, W Hotel Doha

04 Jun 2014

A resurfacing treatment to smooth skin and visibly reduce imperfections

Crystal Clearing at Bliss Spa, tested by Dawn

WHAT: A resurfacing treatment to smooth skin and visibly reduce imperfections

WHERE: Bliss Spa, W Doha, West Bay, 4453 5555,

HOW LONG: 60 minutes

HOW MUCH: QR920 per session

THE TREATMENT: Is there a way to look instantly younger without resorting to plastic surgery, chemical peels or injections? Yes, according to fans of microdermabrasion, a skin resurfacing treatment which has a celeb following which reportedly includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston.

I’m sceptical of any treatment which claims to give instant, visible results, but figured it was worth a try, so booked in for the crystal clearing microdermabrasion treatment at Bliss Spa.

I lay down as the therapist circulated a high-tech nozzled implement across my face several times, spraying my skin with tiny crystal particles to break up dead surface cells. It’s rather like someone spraying you with fine sand. The idea is that the process boosts renewal of skin cells, making the skin look and feel smoother as well as removing some visible imperfections such as sun damage, blemishes and fine lines.

Bliss combines the process with a targeted mask or an oxygen spray to boost the effect. I recommend the bilberry and Vitamin C mask. It’s rubbery and feels a little odd but is so beautifully soothing and cool after the crystal clearing.

The treatment ends with a light moisturiser and some sunscreen before a cup of herbal tea in the divine Bliss lounge.

THE RESULTS: It works! My skin was a little red initially, but within a day it looked smoother. The downside is that several sessions are recommended to see significant results (four to six is typical, but it depends on your skin). I went back for five more treatments and my skin continued to noticeably improve, with a more even colour, better texture and less visible pores.

On me, the result was definitely better than having a facial!