Cruz wants to adopt 20 kids

But is too busy to consider becoming a mum just yet
Thursday , 13 March 2008
Cruz wants to adopt 20 kids

Spanish actress PENELOPE CRUZ wants to fulfil her childhood dream - by adopting a huge brood of children.

The Sahara star has always been desperate for a big family, but admits she is enjoying her jet-setting career too much to consider becoming a mum just yet.

The 33-year-old beauty says, "I'd love to have kids. Maybe I'll adopt about 20 children - that's been my dream since I was a little girl.

"I love children, but at the moment I'm happy with my career. If one day I have a baby I'm not going to be able to work like I do now.

"I can be in London one day, Miami the next, New York after that, then back to L.A. I travel more than some pilots!"

But Cruz insists she won't be giving up her career completely when she does choose to have kids: "I'd still want to work when I have children, but not as much as I do now."