Cruz Beckham’s fame manifesto!

When it comes to upstaging mummy and daddy, Cruz has his fame agenda all figured out...
Wednesday , 09 April 2008
Cruz Beckham’s fame manifesto!

Not since Cindy Crawford's son Presley was caught on camera flicking the Vs at the paparazzi, has a celebuspawn discovered what mummy and daddy's fame stuff is really good for.

Having total fun, of course!

So, Ahlan! was thrilled when Cruz Beckham breakdanced into the spotlightand played up to the cameras to hilarious effect. And taking into account his recent behaviour, we can exclusively reveal the three-year-old's manifesto for world domination...

My plan to be more famous then mum
By Cruz Beckham, aged 3

Upstage my bruvver
Having learned the skill of upstaging people from his mum, Cruz ensured no eyes were on his birthday boy brother Brooklyn - who turned nine on April 4 - during a family trip to the cinema, by dressing up as Batman. And in a costume that came complete with fake muscles, Cruz proceeded to throw ‘rap hands' shapes at the paps. Too funny!

2.Join Griffindor house
As any kid worth his salt knows, the fun in hitting up a store when doing boring shopping with mum, is getting to wear all your purchases immediately. It was with this in mind then, that young Cruz left the legendary New York toystore, FAO Schwartz, in February, dressed like a character from Harry Potter, in his Griffindor House hat and scarf. Look at me!

3.Become a playa' with the ladies
Already cooed over on the Internet and labelled "adorable" in the wake of the breakdancing, Geri Halliwell's revealed that Cruz is her daughter Bluebell's play date of choice. "She loves hanging with the Beckham boys," said Geri. "Cruz and Bluebell have play dates." Oh yeah, got a crush much, Bluebell?

4.Give the fans what they want
Cruz's impromptu breakdance on stage, in front of thousands of screaming Spice Girls fans, has become legendary, with mum Posh even branding him the "next Justin Timberlake". But the best thing was his total refusal to leave the limelight, leaving even VB a little bemused as to how to usher him away off the stage.

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