Cruising To Court

So why is Tom Cruise threatening to take legal action against clothing company?
Tuesday , 03 March 2009
Cruising To Court

Hollywood actor TOM CRUISE has threatened legal action against the owners of a T-shirt company who allegedly plan to use his image to promote garments featuring the slogans "Sex Addict" and "Everything Turns Me On".

The Top Gun star's lawyer, Aaron Moss, has issued a stern warning to the people behind, citing false advertising and consumer fraud in a bid to thwart their design plans.

It is thought the threatened legal action centres on the company's plans to use a picture of Cruise apparently wearing one of the controversial T-shirts.

According to, Moss writes in the warning letter, "...we believe that such photograph is a fake that has been 'Photoshopped' or otherwise manipulated to make it look like he's wearing your t-shirt."

But the clothing firm's bosses are undeterred - and are even considering taking inspiration from the legal threat for a new T-shirt design.

A spokesman for says, "We're going into production of a t-shirt inspired by Cruise's attorney with the words 'legal addict' on the front and 'I sue everybody' on the back."