Crocodile Park is Opening in Dubai

Dubai Municipality is building Dubai Crocodile Park in Mirdif
BySurena ChandeSunday , 14 August 2016
Crocodile Park is Opening in Dubai
The Dubai Crocodile Park will feature Nile Crocodiles like this one!

It looks like Dubai Municipality have been very busy, because construction of the brand new Dubai Crocodile Park is allegedly 75 per cent complete!

Set to feature hundreds of crocs, the project aims to make the habitats as natural as possible, while also grouping them to allow them to reproduce as they would in the wild.

Nile crocodiles are the stars of the new park, which live in fresh water and can eat fish, zebras and small hippos… we’ll definitely be keeping our distance!

The project, located just 10 minutes from Dubai International Airport, will also encourage excursions from educational institutions, both schools and universities, and research centres, along with holding seminars to spread environmental awareness and to educate the public about natural sciences.

The area of the entire attraction, which is said to have cost Dhs22million, is a whopping 20,000 sq m and should be operating by the end of this year.

We can’t wait to get a bite of the action! 

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