Crocfest: Crocodile Park comes to Dubai

The construction of the new park will begin next month
ByAriel Robinson Sunday , 14 June 2015
Crocfest: Crocodile Park comes to Dubai
Crocodile Park to open up in Dubai by next year

Lovers of these reptiles will be getting to be up and close and personal with hundreds of crocs when the Dubai Crocodile Park finally launches. The Dubai Municipality on Thursday announced that it will begin the construction of the first crocodile park in the region next month. By next year, different breeds of crocodile will move to Dubai when the park is completed at the end of 2016.

The park is to be 20,000 square meters and will be built approximately 10km from Dubai Airport close to the other upcoming projects such as Dubai Safari and the Birds and Pets Market.

Modelled after other crocodile farms in France and Tunisia, the facility has been designed to be a tourist landmark and an environmental reserve for the conservation of the aquatic reptiles.

Faridoon Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Awadi, head of the Investment Section, said visitors will be charged a reasonable fee for a tour of the facility which will replicate a natural water reservoir in Africa. The visitors will be able to discover the different stages of crocodiles’ life like egg laying, hatching and growing.

After the exciting arrival of King Croc at Dubai Malls Underwater Zoo, it was only a matter of time a park dedicated to crocs was launched in Dubai. We can't wait!

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