CREEPY! Bizarre "UFO" sighting in Kuwait

Check out the picture that has left experts baffled
ByAndre NevelingThursday , 12 November 2015
CREEPY! Bizarre "UFO" sighting in Kuwait
© Al Anba
What was in the sky above Kuwait?

Following the bizarre light spotted in the sky over Los Angeles this past week, another strange sighting has been recorded in the Middle East.

Newspaper Al Anba published a picture taken by a local woman showing an unidentified object in the sky in Kuwait. The picture was taken on Wednesday, and while many speculate it’s simply a cloud formation, it certainly looks like a scene from an sci-fi movie to us!

“I sent the picture to my aunt and she phoned me to say there is a strange object in it I then showed it to my employers who were surprised at what they saw I immediately came to your office to publish the picture,” the woman told Al Anba.

We’re officially creeped out!

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