Crazy Weather Hits Qatar

Strong winds and rising temperatures continue until October
Thursday , 13 August 2015
Crazy Weather Hits Qatar
Hot, hot, hot!

If you think the high temperatures are coming to end because summer is – think again! Qatar residents can expect rising temperatures, humidity and winds even in the cooler months at least until October.

The highest temperature that was recorded in July, this year, when it hit 48.2C in Doha, higher than the usual temperature. The rise in temperature will be staying for the next couple of months as well as the increase in the humidity which is usually around 70%.

Recently, strong winds occurred Wednesday afternoon in parts of Qatar with gales of 8-15 knot in inshore areas which increased to 22 knot in the day. Expect dust and scattered and hazy conditions at night and urge residents to be careful on the roads.

Looks like we won't be getting any winter weather any time soon!

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