Cowell has a heart!

Simon says: "I do feel sorry for Britney"...
Wednesday , 09 January 2008
"thump thump thump" - sort it out Simon, we can hear your heartbeat!
"thump thump thump" - sort it out Simon, we can hear your heartbeat!

AMERICAN IDOL judge and all-round meanie SIMON COWELL has urged BRITNEY to "stop being stupid" and face up to real life.

As we are well aware (we can't escape it!!) the star hit the headlines last week after a four-hour stand off at her Beverly Hills home when she refused to give her two sons back to ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Cowell believes the Toxic singer needs to put her problems into perspective - and realise she is luckier than many people around the world.

He says, "I do feel bad for Britney. But having said that, then I see the real world where people really are struggling - haven't got enough money, haven't got enough whatever - and you have to temper that with, 'Stop being stupid, go home. Life ain't that bad."

But Cowell insists the best plan of action for the star would be to take a break from fame for a while - but is convinced Spears lacks any life guidance.

He adds, "I do feel sorry for Britney. I would have taken her somewhere quiet for six months. The problem with Britney is that I don't think there's anyone in her life she listens to.

"Someone should have said to her, 'Right, enough. You can see where this is heading, you're not going to cope with it yourself'."