COVID-19 update: UAE case count 13,599

COVID-19 update: UAE case count 13,599

03 May 2020

29,000 tests are being conducted per day

The UAE's COVID-19 case count has now reached 13,599 cases, with 2,664 recoveries.

An additional 561 cases were reported on Saturday, from more than 36,000 tests conducted. 

Official spokesperson for the UAE Government, Dr. Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, explained in a press briefing that the past two weeks have averaged 29,000 screenings per day. 

The death toll for COVID in UAE stands at 119 people. 

Currently, residents may leave the house for essential trips, as well as one-two hours of exercise near their residence per day. 

Gatherings are limited to a maximum of five people, that must be family. 

Everyone is required to wear a mask when out in public, however, the Dubai Police haved confirmed that drivers alone in their cars may remove the mask during a trip (but must wear it when exiting the vehicle). 

For live mapping on the COVID-19 outbreak, see the map.