COVID-19 update: Tuesday, April 14

COVID-19 update: Tuesday, April 14

14 Apr 2020

Residency visas extended til the end of the year, and some commercial outlets allowed to reopen

As of Tuesday, April 14, the UAE has reported 4,521 (Monday saw a jump of 398 cases). 

There are 25 deaths confirmed within the UAE, and 852 recoveries. 

The UAE is also a world leader in COVID-19 testing with a staggering 600,000 tests conducted so far. 


Dubai continues to operate its lock-down with all residents required to file for a move-permit when leaving the house. 

You can apply at

So far, 2,527 fines have been issued to individuals not following the protocol for lock-down. 

  • 2,076 warnings and eight fines for leaving home for non-essential purposes
  • 204 warnings, one fine for exceeding three passengers per vehicle
  • 233 warnings and five fines for not wearing masks or for violating the social distancing rule

Supermarkets and pharmacies remain operational. Dubai's Department of Economic Development has also announced that selected retailers are able to reopen. 


30,000 UAE residents remain overseas, waiting to return home - any resident stranded outside the UAE is recommended to register on the Twajudi website for updates and assistance. 

The UAE Government has announced that all residency visas will remain valid until December, along with visit visas. Residency visas for residents overseas will also remain valid for that time.