Courteney has had enough of David's clowning around

Courteney Sick of David's Clowning Around

12 Oct 2010

Aoife Stuart asks was a mid-life crisis behind split?

It was pretty clear, even before their split was announced, that Davidand Courteney Arquettehave been trying to paint over the cracks in their 11-year marriage for some time.

The mismatched couple had the odds stacked against them from the start - with David's outrageous, eccentric, extrovert personality at odds with Courteney's sensible side. And while she claims it was his originality that first attracted her to her toy boy hubby, Courteney has been more than candid about the fact that their opposites-attract marriage has been anything but plain sailing.

She recently admitted, "We've done couples therapy in the past. We're not lazy about our marriage... We have the same arguments we've had for years."

But signs that things had become irreparable first came to light in the summer, when David started hitting Hollywood's club, masquerading as a DJ - leaving Courteney at home with the couples' six-year-old daughter, Coco.

"David definitely seems like he's going through a mid-life crisis and is on the prowl for attention from anyone who will give it to him," said a friend at the time. "He's started DJing at different Hollywood clubs such as Teddy's and MyHouse as a second career, and he also plays trumpet alongside a professional record spinner. He calls his onstage performance 'Good Times' but he's an absolutely terrible trumpet player, and it's more annoying than anything else."

The pal added, "On top of the weird DJ antics, he acts like he's 20 again - chatting up any girl who will give him the time of day."

Looks like Courteney just got bored waiting for this wild child to grow up...