Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

Couple Couture

06 Apr 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Never mind Posh and Becks – who are Hollywood’s fiercest fashion couplings right now?

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson
Their Look:Effortlessly cool and never anything less than spectacular, Diane and Josh make for one very hip couple. Favouring offbeat dresses and quirky accessories, ex-model Diane knows exactly what suits her and sticks to it, while Josh’s retro/artisan look has the kind of mellow, laid back vibe that is her perfect fashion foil.
Who Wears The Trousers?We have a feeling Diane is the master of all things fashion in this perfectly attired relationship. Chanelling more than a smidge of Euro glam with a serious affilation for co-ordinating accessories, had Diane not come along when she did, we fear Joshua would have rather more at home in pastel polo shirts and boring slacks.

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebel
Their Look:Stunning, with the sartorial savvy to match, Olivia and her model boyf never look anything other than photoshoot ready. Neutrals are big faves for the polished New York pair, who favour classic lines with a modern twist. And while Olivia’s a big accessory fan, Johannes’ only must have extra is a great pair of sunnies and his immaculately styled girlfriend.
Who Wears the Trousers?Tonal but never twee, classic but never dull. Both genetically blessed and bang on in the style sense, the fashion gods brought these two together.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale
Their Look:Oozing rock star panache from every pore, Gwen and Gavin are a hot, hot, hot fashion hook up. The perfect mix of edgy and sexy, matchy-matchy is off limits for these two, but their super-slick, urban style is perfectly in tune. Is it any wonder their amazingly fashion- focused kids look so unfeasibly cool?
Who Wears The Trousers?Gwen may be the multi-million dollar fashion designer, but rocker Gavin has plenty of fashion smarts of his own. A match made in showbiz style heaven, we say.

Camilla Alves and Matthew McConaughy
Their Look:Matthew and Camilla are all about unbridled sexy dressing. Drawing from Camilla’s Brazilian roots, Matthew’s model girlfriend channels old school silver screen glamour on every red carpet she treads, while Matthew loves a wickedly cut suit with an open short to show off his super-buff bod.
Who Wears The Trousers?A self confessed beach bum, Matthew’s style has always been laid back. But with a little sartorial guidance from gorgeous girlfriend Camilla, Matthew’s seriously upped his game to match her impeccably glamorous style.

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
Their look:Jessica and Cash make looking gorgeous at all time look easy. Whether it's off-duty preppy with their adorable daughter Honour in co-ordinating chinos and cashmere, or red carpet fabulous in goddess gowns and sharp suiting, these all-American good looks and on every aesthetic level.
Who Wears The Trousers:Jess is the brains behind this beautifully styled couple. Careful co-ordination and luxe textures are key, with fash-savvy Jess ensuring the whole family looks hot!