Nurseries in the UAE close amid coronavirus precautions

Nurseries in the UAE close amid coronavirus precautions

01 Mar 2020

Amid the increasing fears surrounding the coronavirus, the UAE Ministry of Education reported that all nurseries in the UAE are going be closed from Sunday, March 1, for the next two weeks. 

At the National Emergency Crisis, the Minister of Education said that all nursery classes in the country would be put on hold for 14 days, as a precautionary health measure.

The nursery schools will be inspected by health officials, to ensure that they are clean, sterile and safe for the return of students. 

The Minister of Education, Hussein Al Hammadi, said, "We are constantly monitoring and assessing the situation regarding school attendance as we are keen on students' safety." He confirmed that students will not fall behind in their school work, because they will be using an electronic education system to access online classes and tests, and communicate with their teachers. All school activities across the country have also been suspended until further notice. 

The Minister further assured the parents of students that participated in the UAE Cycling Tour 2020, that they were all examined and are free of the infection. The students were told to stay home for 14 days as a precaution, to ensure that they are free of symptoms of the virus, before returning to regular everyday activities.