Can people in Dubai go for a run during lock-down

Coronavirus UAE: Can you go outside for a walk or jog?

29 Mar 2020

The Dubai Police have responded

Many residents have been confused with rules rolling out over the past weeks regarding curfew, movement outside the house and the like. 

COVID-19 has meant that the UAE has closed off many establishments, limiting movement in a bid to reduce the spread of the virus - including the closure of shops, malls, entertainment venues, gyms, schools and more. 

But there have been many still going out for walks and runs outside their homes during the daylight hours - outside curfew timings (8pm-6am).

However, Dubai Police and the Attorney General have said that leaving the house to exercise is not an essential reason and so it's not allowed. 

Dubai Police have replied on Twitter several times: 

And the Attorney General issued a list of rules and fines for breaking those rules including: AED3,000 fine for any person leaving his home for unnecessary reasons except for performing vital jobs or buying essential necessities.

So the short answer is no, residents are not allowed to go outside for runs or walks at this time. However things are changing quickly and rules are being made as the situation evolves, so stay tuned.