Coronavirus: Influencers going into isolation

Coronavirus: Influencers going into isolation

18 Mar 2020

Dubai-based Lebanese blogger Karen Wazen is documenting the process on her Instagram

With the spread of coronavirus many people around the world are being encouraged to put themselves into self-isolation and influencers make no exception. 

Karen Wazen, a Dubai-based Lebanese blogger, has revealed she’s will be staying home for the next few weeks with her family and is sharing the process with her 2.7 million followers.

“The world’s situation right now is critical… with the coronavirus pandemic spreading really quickly across the globe we have decided as a family to isolate ourselves and stay home and stay safe. 

“Our little family is enjoying getting creative with ideas on how to spend quality home time and we wanted to share our dailies with you.”

Posting another short clip on Monday with her three children,  she is holding up messages written on cardboard with a plea to her followers to “stay home”:

“Please stay home so that we will be able to go back out,” the message said. “We would love to see our grandparents soon… we miss them.