Coronavirus: 150 new cases confirmed in the UAE

Coronavirus: 150 new cases confirmed in the UAE

02 Apr 2020

Globally, it's about to hit one million cases

An additional 150 cases of COVID-19 have been announced - the biggest daily jump since the disease has hit the emirates. 

It takes the total number of cases up to 814. 

Two more deaths have also been confirmed, an Asian national and a GCC national aged 62 and 78, respectively, both died this week, taking the UAE's death toll of coronavirus up to eight.

The new cases were believed to have been infected by existing patients, prior to them being symptomatic. 

Globally, the case count has exceeded 938,000 with 47,000 deaths. 

The United States has exceeded 200,000 cases, the country with the most cases. 

Dubai has locked down the entire suburb of Al Ras to contain the spread, prohibited all non-essential movement outside, and has been launching more testing centres to stay at the forefront of COVID-19 testing.