Julianne Moore in Abu Dhabi

A conversation with Julianne Moore

19 Oct 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

Hollywood A-Lister wows Abu Dhabi film fans

Julianne Moorewas at the Abu Dhabi film festival on Monday (October 18) for A Conversation With Julianne Moore and Ahlan! Live’s Shannon Wylie was front row for the first word. Dressed in a white ruffle long sleeve blouse, black pencil skirt, tan peep toe heels, diamond earrings, Bvlgari watch and ring, and her trademark red locks swept back into a sleek ponytail, Julianne Moore looks as lovely in real life as she does on the big screen.

She starts off chatting to the audience about all things movies, being a mum and how she made it from acting student to Hollywood screen siren. “Sometimes you make mistakes but you get to a point where you learn to trust your instincts,” she says of her first foray into show biz.

Julianne who grew up in a Military family was thrown around the US countryside and enrolled in nine different schools. Of the experience she says it’s what makes you adapt. “People speak differently. They act differently. It makes you adaptable.”

So how does she adapt to her roles in films today? “I don’t do alot of research. I don’t benfit from that. The character is inherent in the script.” When it comes to that script Julianne says she’s always on the lookout for a story that is well written and one that tells the tale of her character. “I’m looking for somebody (a script writer) who has a vision, where the script goes through me.”

And the A-lister knows a thing or two about picking a good script and insists the show biz is no longer just for the under 30s. “No matter how young or old you are there is a part for everyone.” Married with two children, Julianne also plays the part of doting mum. “The best thing about my job is that it is so flexible. My children come with me everywhere I go. And I try and work around the New York school year.”

From jetting around the world to promoting films and constantly on the lookout for that next script, Julianne has successfully brought the show biz buzz to Abu Dhabi.

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