Contaminated Chicken Taken off Shelves in Dubai

Contaminated Chicken Taken off Shelves in Dubai

14 May 2017

According to authorities, it is unfit for human consumption

Do you shop at the Union Coop? If so, check your freezers!

The local grocery chain has confirmed that it has taken preventive measures and removed contaminated Sadia Chicken from its all branches, after authorities confirmed the chicken is unfit for consumption, reports Gulf News.

Suhail Albastaki, Director of Happiness and Marketing, has called on consumers who bought the chicken to go to their nearest Union Cooperative branch in order to receive a full refund.  

"Once we were informed about this incident [of suspected spoilage of frozen chicken], we gave immediate instructions to pull out the chicken from all of our stores not just from the affected one," Al Bastaki said.

The company has also posted the announcement on social media, urging customers to contact its toll free number 8008889. In reply to posts on social media, Union Coop said that the refund will be limited to customers who bought the chicken in the past three or four days.

If you've bought Sadia chicken from Union Coop in the past few days, don't eat it!