Spanish Royals Receive the Emir of the State of Qatar and Sheikha Mozah Nint Nasser for Lunch at Zarzuela Palace

Congrats to Sheikha Mozah!

13 Jul 2015

The 56-year old mother of the Qatari emir has just gained her master's degree

Her Highness Sheikha Mozah has just proved that learning never finishes as she gets her master's degree in public policy in Islam from Hamad bin Khalifa University. The news that she has just earned her MA comes just in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary project of her brainchild Qatar Foundation, which she set up in the mid 90s to promote education in the country. Sheikha Moza also has an undergraduate degree in sociology (and seven children, and a busy life as a social activist). We wonder what's next for her? An MBA? A Phd? We're rooting for you, Sheikha Mozah!

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