Confusion over Magic Mike XXL film release in the UAE

Find out what's really going on with the Hollywood blockbuster's UAE release
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 30 July 2015
Confusion over Magic Mike XXL film release in the UAE
The film will NOT be screened in the UAE

Earlier this week we noticed that the upcoming Magic Mike XXL film was included in the UAE release schedule, with a release date of 3 September. Understandably, we were surprised.

Considering the risqué subject matter of male strippers, and the fact that the first film didn’t screen here, we weren’t expecting the film to hit UAE cinemas in the first place. So what’s happenining?

As expected, the film’s inclusion on the UAE release schedule was a complete mistake. A spokesman for distributor Shooting Stars, which holds the regional cinema rights for the film, told The National newspaper “it 100 per cent isn’t happening” and that it was merely “a mistake”. There you have it!

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