Confused about Uber X in the UAE? Here's what's REALLY going on

Confused about Uber X in the UAE? Here's what's REALLY going on

15 May 2017

There's a reason you probably can't get a ride

Remember when the launch of UberX made headlines in the UAE a couple of weeks ago? It's the more affordable Uber option that already exists around the world, so we were thrilled when Uber announced it was finally coming to the UAE. The only problem? Nobody can find the option on their Uber app (no, you're not the only one). 

So what's REALLY going on then? Ahlan! spoke to Uber's PR agency, House of Comms, who offered the following explanation:

“UberX is a pilot initiative which is currently being rolled out in Dubai over a trial period of 3 months. The pilot kicked off in April with a limited number of vehicles and will gradually expand to include a wider pool of riders and driver-partners. Uber is committed to providing people across Dubai with safe, reliable and affordable transportation and hopes to roll the service out to more people in the near future. We believe UberX and affordable transportation will help to pave the way for more innovative technology like UberPOOL and UberELEVATE. Once the pilot concludes, Uber and the RTA will assess the results and make a decision on whether the service will be offered on a permanent basis.”

So there you have it - UberX only exists for a select few at this point. Soz, folks. Let's hope the pilot turns into a permanent offering for all to enjoy. Watch this space.