King Croc in Dubai!

King Croc in Dubai!

18 Jun 2014

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo reveals King Croc – its latest, sharp-toothed addition!

We've got sharp new residents in Dubai! King Croc and his female companion are the latest additions to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Coming all the way from Australia, the 40-year-old King Croc is one of the world’s largest reptiles, measuring over 16 feet in length and weighting over 1,600 pounds – that’s more than the weight of 15 men! It's expected to live for another 50 years, and can still continue to grow.

King Croc has been in a crocodile farm since 1996 and has come to Dubai through a partnership with the Australian government. In their new Dubai home, the crocodiles have plenty of space – three times what is required for the species, with a pool larger than 1,600sq ft.

The Zoo also features Dwarf African Crocodiles – so hopefully the new crocs will fit in right away!  

“These large aquatic reptiles have a history of over 60 million years surviving through different environments and terrains,” said Maitha Al Dossari, CEO of Emaar Retail. She added that the King Croc exhibition will inform residents and tourists about the important role that the species plays in the natural world.

With this new addition, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo also plans to launch an educational program on crocodiles for UAE schools. Students will be able to visit King Croc as part of their school syllabus.

INFO: Dhs70 for adults, Dhs55 for children (3-12 years), 10am-10pm from Sun-Wed, 10am-12am from Thu-Sat, Dubai Aquarium Tunnel and Underwater Zoo, The Dubai Mall,