How To Take The Perfect Color Run Photo

Because we all know it's Instagram-gold
ByFarah AndrewsThursday , 08 November 2018
How To Take The Perfect Color Run Photo

The Dubai Fitness Challenge 2018 is still in full swing, and this weekend the planet’s happiest 5k, the Color Run, returns to Dubai for another year. The 5k run is known for bringing people together to experience fun in full color.

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Naturally you'll want to capture your memories from the run, so we have asked Dubai-based photographer, Herarld Herrera, for his top tips on how to take the best Color Run photos from your iPhone... 

1. Feel The Colors

Colors can add a sense of emotion to any subject in a photograph. For example if you see a blue sky, it portrays a nice sunny day. You can use colors to add a ‘wow' factor to your image and attract attention. Just make sure that your colors are balanced in a nice way to avoid any confusion and have a disturbing effect in your picture.

2. Clean Your Camera

Make sure your camera lens is clean! As we always have fingerprints or dust on the lens! So make it a habit to check the camera lens and clean it before any shoot, just to ensure it’s not fogged up and risk losing your perfect shots.

3. Turn On The Grid

Always start off by turning on the GRID in the camera settings. It allows you to compose images better and follow the rule of thirds.

4. Consider Display Brightness

For any outdoor event such as the Color Run where it’s too bright outside, make sure to max up your phone display brightness level, to take advantage of the full brightness of the display while checking your shots.

color run, dubai color run, iphone, iphone photography

5. Check Your Phone Storage

If you don’t have enough storage, set your camera capture to “High Efficiency”, it reduces photo and video file sizes and make it a HEIF/ HEVC format without compromising the image quality.

6. Capture Colorful Portraits

Use Portrait Mode on your iPhone XR to capture those fun colorful portraits of the happy runners. You can play around with the depth control feature to adjust your background to your liking.

color run, dubai color run, iphone, iphone photography

iPhone photographer Debbie Fortes, adds, "The great thing about capturing Live photos is the ability to go back and choose the frame you like the most. So my advice to you, is turn on your Live photos feature. I also like to add a fun element to my social media posts by playing around with the live photo effects such as loop, bounce and long exposure." She continues, "If you are running with a friend or family member, have one of you can capture the journey in 4k video which has better low-light performance and extended dynamic range."

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