Pregnant Coleen Rooney

Coleen betrayed AGAIN!

15 Sep 2010

WAG left devastated as a woman claims: ‘Wayne cheated with me… while you were pregnant!’

Coleen Rooney was left reeling last week, as allegations surfaced that her husband, Manchester United star, Wayne Rooney, had cheated on her whilst she was five months pregnant with their son, Kai.

The cheating accusations – the second Coleen has faced about her husband during their eight-year relationship – were made by 21-year-old Brit escort Jennifer Thompson, who insisted she hooked up with – and was paid by – Rooney several times over a four-month period, first meeting him in a nightclub when Coleen was pregnant.

And Jennifer claims the footie star made no attempt to hide his infidelities, claiming of one public hook-up, “Wayne made no effort to be discreet. Michael Owen was looking at him in disgust.”

Ahlan! delves into the scandal and reveals what she’s going through and whether she’ll forgive him this time…

‘Wayne Didn’t Care About Coleen’
After a string of hook-ups, for which it is alleged Wayne paid her Dhs6,000-a-time, Jennifer told the News Of The World that the 24-year-old striker didn’t act like he cared about cheating on Coleen.

“Wayne chased me with sex texts and paid in wads of cash. He didn’t seem to care he was betraying Coleen,” insisted Jennifer, who described herself as “very much a family person”. Adding, “Wayne certainly enjoyed all our meetings and didn’t seem to care what he was doing to his wife.”

And it’s the second time Coleen and Wayne’s relationship has been rocked by his infidelity, when the then-16-year-old was forced to admit to visiting a prostitute who was a grandmother nicknamed ‘auld slapper’, at a brothel back in 2001.

“I was so upset,” said Coleen of the incident. “My head was all over the place.”

Wayne Sobs: ‘She’ll Leave Me This Time’

Wayne, whose embarrassing performance for England at this year’s World Cup is being blamed on the fact he was nervously waiting for the cheat revelations to emerge, has apparently told pals that Coleen won’t forgive his latest indiscretions – after he texted her to inform her of them.

“My life is in ruins… I’ve been so stupid,” the Sunday Mirror reported that he sobbed to a pal. “

Coleen won’t forgive me this time. She will leave me.”Said to have “spent his way back into Coleen’s good books” after the brothel incident, splashing out over Dhs500,000-a-month on holidays and designer luxuries for Coleen, the soccer star said, “I felt so ashamed that I had let her down. I’ve always loved her and always will.”

But this time around, sources aren’t too sure Wayne can win over his wife-of-two-years with a few shopping sprees.

“With her TV show, magazine column, Littlewood’s contract and money she got from selling the first pictures of baby Kai to a magazine, Coleen is worth a few million herself,” spilled an industry insider. “Celebrity wronged wives have a tendency to do quite well for themselves out of a split – and Coleen has kept her profile high in the UK and Europe. I would say she doesn’t need his money for a comfortable life.”

Ahlan! Editor Gemma White and Deputy Editor Aoife Stuart reveal what they think Coleen will do...

Gemma:‘This Time, he’s Out!’
“As Coleen’s managed to carve herself out a very successful career with all her TV and designing work – unlike the career-less and pitiful Toni Terrys of this world – I think this latest humiliation will be a step too far and she’ll tell Wayne to hit the road back to the potato-head field from whence he came. And with sources saying he actually took the rancid Jennifer Thompson out in public for dates to clubs and casinos, I think Coleen will see that as a worse betrayal than if he had simply cheated with a nameless groupie after a match. And I’m sorry, but any man who cheats on his five-months pregnant wife is a pathetic scumbag – and lots of other ranty words too! In the words of 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon – ‘Dealbreaker!’”

Aoife: ‘She’ll Stay, But Make Him Pay’
“Unfortunately, as we’ve learned from Toni Terry, Mark Owen’s wife, Emma and now Abbey Clancy, certain women are all too willing to forgive a cheating partner if he’s paying for their lavish lifestyle. Let’s not forget, this is not the first time Wayne’s been caught with his trousers down (remember the grab-a-granny scandal?) It took Coleen just a few trips to designer WAG boutique Cricket (with Wayne’s credit card) to get over that, so no doubt he can bribe his way out of this one too. These footballers are paid so much money they think they are invincible, and sadly WAGs who are willing to overlook indiscretions for the latest Louboutins only reinforce this notion.”

Who Is Jennifer Thompson?
Sources close to paid escort Jennifer Thompson told the Sunday Mirror of the pair’s first meeting at a Manchester hotel, “She wasn’t star-struck. She considers what she does to be a profession and she always strives to be very good at it.” Adding, “[He grew] genuinely fond of her.” And the 21-year-old, who pals say “loves the high life and leads a hectic life of parties, holidays and nights out”, herself revealed, “He sent me SIM cards full of text messages and spoke to me on Skype using a false name.” Also saying in her profile on the escort sites she worked from, “You can either love me or hate me, I don’t care what people think. I’m young, free and single and loving life.”

Well, rest assured, darling, we certainly don’t love you.

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