Coldplay performs at Wembley Stadium

Coldplay Paid Tribute to Viola Beach at Glastonbury Festival

27 Jun 2016

It was one emotional moment!

On Sunday night, Coldplay paid tribute to British group Viola Beach. Chris Martin and his bandmates performed a song written by the four young rockers who died in a tragic car accident while on tour in Sweden in February.

The 39-year-old singer told his fans that the band’s terrible death really affected him and his group as they “reminded us of ourselves in our early days”.  

Chris added that they were going to “create Viola Beach’s alternative future for them and let them play Glastonbury for one song.”

A live performance of Viola Beach’s Boys That Sing was screened onstage as Coldplay performed along. 

The band also celebrated the late boxing legend Muhammad Ali by projecting video footage of Ali being interviewed in the seventies, after performing their song Everglow