Coffee and the City

Villeroy and Boch's new 'coffee-ware' is the most chic way to enjoy your caffeine fix
Friday , 07 September 2012
Coffee and the City
Get your cuppa

When coffee is part of your daily routine, you should consume it in the most stylish way possible. With Villeroy and Boch, your coffee mug is an expression of your lifestyle and we like the statements the NewWave Caffé cities of Europe collections are making! The concept is to link the popular coffee habit with the international spirit of capital cities. The new ‘coffee-ware’ displays the characteristic silhouettes of various European capital cities – London, Paris, Berlin and Rome – in an artistic and minimalistic fashion. London uses red, Paris is in blue, Berlin goes for green and Rome is yellow. Typical symbols of each city have also been selected as motifs, but you will also see less obvious, subtle allusions that only materialise with a closer look. But they’re not just a pretty face – the handle has been ergonomically designed for a comfy grip.

Each NewWave premium porcelain city set comes with a choice of espresso cup, a café au lait cup and two different-sized mugs with a matching party plate. For the first time, Villeroy and Boch is also offering a gift set (Dhs490) that has all four of the different mugs.

INFO: Villeroy and Boch, The Dubai Mall; open from 10am to 10pm and 10am to 1am during Ramadan; 04 339 9676,

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