Cody Simpson's sister insists he and Miley Cyrus are 'happy and in love'

ByTeam Ahlan!Sunday , 13 October 2019
Cody Simpson's sister insists he and Miley Cyrus are 'happy and in love'

Cody Simpson's sister Alli has confirmed her older brother's relationship with Miley Cyrus. The couple were rumoured to have been dating after they were spotted kissing earlier this month. They have since shared several snaps on Instagram together, showing the pair laying in bed together and in hospital as Miley was treated for tonsillitis, and Alli has now revealed the two are "very happy and in love".

"It's very new, but they have history and they're posting about each other a lot," she told Daily Mail Australia of her pop star brother and Miley.

Alli revealed she's spoken with the pair on FaceTime, and has met Miley on several occasions in the past - however she doesn't know how they came to be a couple.

"I honestly don't know the full story... I heard about it only recently and it seems like they're very happy and very in love," she commented. "Miley is posting a lot (on social media) and so is Cody so it seems serious." When asked if the Simpson family were happy with Cody's new flame, Alli added: "We're happy if Cody is happy, that's all that matters to us."

The new relationship comes shortly after Miley split from her husband of eight months, Liam Hemsworth, in August. She also enjoyed a very public rebound romance with a reality TV star, which ended after six weeks.

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