Cocktail Hour at Cielo Sky Lounge

Fall for the sweeping views of the city from this bar’s open-air roof terrace
BySarah HamdanWednesday , 15 October 2014
Cocktail Hour at Cielo Sky Lounge
Cielo Sky Lounge

The sophisticated Cielo Sky Lounge is accessible via an exclusive VIP elevator. That may make you think it's all about image at this place, but once those elevator doors open to an open air terrace with spectacular views over the picturesque Dubai Creek, you'll feel instantly relaxed. The vibe is reminiscent of Balearic isles with a décor of cool blues and bright whites. The ultra-chic sky lounge roof terrace is quickly becoming the most talked about and must-visit party destination in Dubai featuring the hottest DJs and trendy ambiance. Not to mention one of the most attractive places to enjoy sundowners combined with views across the metropolis.

Guests can unwind enjoying the incredible creek views at sunset until early evening when the stunning venue will transform into a late-lounge destination, creating a home for deep house music and performances from local to international celebrity DJs. The ambience will provide the ultimate destination for Dubai residents to party, escape the city, enjoy drinks and light tapas and be transported to the Med.

The party season at Cielo Sky Lounge will feature both local and internationally recognised DJs and will see the launch of several new dinner and brunch concepts throughout the season. The ultra-chic blue and white decor, inspired by the Mediterranean islands of Mykonos and Ibiza, offers the perfect backdrop to enjoy cocktails with commanding views across the city.
The trendy and fashionable crowd who frequent this hot spot will dance the night away to chic tunes of distinguished DJs. Even if dancing the night away in high heels is not your thing, Cielo Sky Lounge has something for you. Those who prefer a more relaxed vibe during sundowners are in for a real treat.

With alfresco seating and a chill-out lounge and bar area, guests can enjoy the new innovative cocktail menu created by Cielo's award-winning team. The new Mediterranean inspired tapas menu makes a perfect addition to your cocktails with delicious treats that are vertically presented - a tower of tapas that makes for a chic and comfortable dining experience beneath the starry skies. Prepare for an evening that melts into night at heavenly Cielo.

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