Clooney doesn’t like interviews

Prefers to speak only at press conferences
Tuesday , 22 December 2009
Clooney doesn’t like interviews

GEORGE CLOONEY avoids conducting one-on-one interviews when promoting a film - because journalists constantly ask him about his personal life instead of his movie projects.

The Ocean's Eleven actor admits he has become increasingly media-shy and now prefers to speak only at press conferences to keep reporters from interrogating him about his love life in sit-down chats.

And the 48-year-old worries that his restraint forces editors to turn to the tabloids to source information about him.

He tells Britain's Empire magazine, "I've found that doing interviews for films doesn't end up answering any questions about the films, and it doesn't really help the films. Usually I end up answering some dumba** question from some dumba** from the Netherlands. I don't mind the stories in gossip magazines, but I worry when they bleed into legitimate interviews, and that's been happening a lot recently."