Clarita's Home

Clarita de Quiroz

17 Jun 2014

Al Furjan Villas

When asked who she shares her beautiful three-bed villa with, Clarita, a well-known Abu Dhabi-born, Dubai-based model and musician (whose classically trained repertoire encompasses singing and songwriting) playfully replies, “It’s just me and my piano.”

Clarita’s called her villa home for just over a year and admits the decorative process was “a gradual one that spanned the year, due to a continuous process of chopping and changing until the layout was perfect.” She is much happier with it now. “I removed a lot of the items in the living room as I felt it was too cluttered. I changed the decor of the third bedroom as the bed seemed to take up the whole room,” and perhaps most importantly, “I made my master bedroom a billion times more girly!”

Clarita wasn’t planning on having a distinct theme for her home but admits one seems to have emerged; the downstairs living and entertainment area seems to have more masculine colour tones and furnishings, while her personal space upstairs is undeniably floral and feminine.

Clarita is constantly looking for inspiration and she admits to finding other people’s homes a particularly good source for special interior finds, often asking where they picked up certain pieces and where they found their best bargains. She also bows to the professionals when it comes to placing pieces. “I like looking in the furniture stores and seeing how they arrange their rooms. They always set things out in ways I would never think of.”

Her favourite piece in the house? Undoubtedly her baby grand piano. “Worth every penny. Even if I was not a musician, I would probably still want one in my home. It looks stunning and makes me a very happy lady indeed.”

Top Tip
● Start with a minimalistic approach when decorating; you’ll tend to add more pieces as the years go by.