Clarita De Quiroz

The UAE’s number one selling music artist
Clarita De Quiroz
Clarita de Quiroz

There seems no end to the talents of this singer, songwriter and pianist, also blessed with good looks that have given rise to a successful modelling career. All of these traits were in the spotlight when she supported Sir Elton John at Yas Arena in 2012.

So, what’s Elton John really like?
He’s a hard worker. He played continuously for two-and-a-half hours and was note-perfect vocally and musically. He’s also a very busy man; he literally arrived five minutes before he started, and then jetted off as soon as he left the stage. Supporting him was a childhood dream come true.

Any other 2012 highlights?
Being the first UAE artist with my band SickAsSwans to go to number one for two weeks in a row was a massive highlight, and performing on the main stage for the Yasalam Beats on the Beach supporting Mel C and Akon was an unexpected bonus.

How has your debut single, No Forever, been received since its launch in November?
Better than expected. We got over 300,000 views on YouTube in just one week. It’s a good indication of how the album will go when it’s released later on in the year.

You model too. What’s been your most unusual modelling assignment?
A jewellery job for the Bareface agency in Dubai. I had to be painted black from head to toe to show off the bling. I looked absolutely crazy, especially as I couldn’t get the paint off after the job. I had to walk home painted black... no one quite knew what to say.