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Clare Napper

19 Mar 2015

The graphic designer’s retro canvases sent up Dubai’s high life

Highlife Dubai is a collection of 18 artworks inspired by vintage travel and tourism ads, sponsored by the Pan-Arabia Enquirer. I single-handedly built my online store, through which I’ve now sold almost 700 pieces.
Don’t wait for the perfect idea; just do something! You can learn, change or adapt as you go. I didn’t take that advice until I was nearly 30. I was having too much of a good time in my twenties.
In 2008 I built a music social network; a supposed five-month project that took two years to complete. It exhausted me. I worked on it every night after I finished my day at Saatchi & Saatchi. I swore that the next business venture I tried would be smaller, would be a product that I myself could produce, that was fun and stress-free. 
Teddy my cat has been instrumental to my success. He is my constant companion and has his own Instagram account with over 1,000 followers!
I was expelled from my school. I ran onto the stage dressed as a gorilla and did a dance during assembly prayers.
Curb your Enthusiasm with Larry David has inspired my art. The dialogue has been built around painfully awkward but hilarious insights into social situations that many of us can relate to. Some things in life are glaringly obvious, and may make people uncomfortable so why not bring them up for a laugh! 
I will be kept quite busy in 2015. I intend to increase the Highlife Dubai collection and translate all the posters into Arabic. I’m also launching a new exhibition based on UAE ‘product ads’ – old vintage ads for products we all know and love out here printed onto old battered pieces of tin. I also have another business plan up my sleeve but I can’t talk about that yet! It’s another graphic product that I hope to take global by 2016. 

A window to great graphic design from all over the world. Every designer’s helping hand when the going gets tough.
TWITTER:  @russellbrand 
Apart from his verbose wit, his moral compass is intact, which is rare in celebrities. He should go into politics.
INSTAGRAM: @graysonperry 
I am a big fan of this experimental artist and his work.
INSTAGRAM: @danbilzerian 
To remind me how not to live!
INSTAGRAM: @teddygram501
Even though I created it I am obsessed with it. It’s actually been very useful in seeing how to use Instagram as a promotional tool. 

TWITTER: @highlife_dubai
INSTAGRAM: @highlife_dubai,@teddygram501

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