Claire Danes is a "Trouper"

Claire Danes’ Homeland co-star Morena Baccarin commends the pregnant actress for her untiring dedication to work
Claire Danes is a "Trouper"
Claire Danes

Claire Danes’ Homeland co-star Morena Baccarin commends the star for working “insane hours.”Claire won an Emmy Award for her work on the TV political drama. The star, who is expecting her first child with her husband Hugh Dancy, never stopped coming to set despite being expectant. Morena is impressed by Claire’s work ethic.

"She's a trouper," Morena told People magazine. "She has insane hours and really long days, and the work she's doing on the show is fairly emotional and heavy. But she's been really great. And she's been there for me so many times that I keep saying, 'I need to be there for you. What do you need?' "

Morena has no doubt that Claire will be an excellent parent. According to Morena, Claire’s pregnancy glow is palpable.

"I'm very excited for her," Morena said. "She's going to be a wonderful mom. She's really intelligent and she's pragmatic. She's incredibly wise and she's really nurturing. It's been a pleasure watching her slowly grow, and she looks so gorgeous. She looks stunning."

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