Cirque le Soir Welcomes Sword Swallowers

This brother and sister duo will enthrall you
Sunday , 21 February 2016
Cirque le Soir Welcomes Sword Swallowers
The Ring Master: Cirque has some new entertainers

Cirque le Soir prides itself on its crazy, insane and somewhat terrifying performances from the world’s best entertainers, and their latest act is a pair of award-winning sibling performers all the way from Coney Island.

Betty Bloomerz does it all. She sings, dances, swallows swords, and even belly dances on beds of nails! She has performed at Hanky Panky’s Tattoo museum in Amsterdam, Cirque Dracula in Finland, and even in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square.

Just like his sister, Ray Valenz has a varied skill set. Fire breathing and sword juggling are only a few of his many talents. Valenz is also recognized as an accomplished sword swallower, and has been featured on the front cover of the Wall Street Journal, and on ABC News.

From giants, midgets, sword swallowers and human pin cushions, Cirque Le Soir have got it all. This brother and sister duo will be performing from now until Ramadan, so be prepared to be mesmerized and totally freaked out by their antics. There’s a reason we say it’s not for the faint hearted!

Info: Mon-Fri, 10:30pm-3am, Cirque Le Soir, Fairmont Hotel Dubai, 050 995 5400

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