SNEAK PEEK: Cirque Eloize's iD Debuts in Dubai

SNEAK PEEK: Cirque Eloize's iD Debuts in Dubai

15 Aug 2013

Ahlan! caught up with the extraordinary performers of Cirque Elozie iD ahead of their debut show in Dubai

Thrilling Quebec-based nouveau cirque troupe Cirque Éloize are set to wow Dubai and we were lucky enough to get behind-the-scenes as the performers prepared for their Dubai debut.

But first a little history. Éloize means "heat lightning" in Acadian French (éclair de chaleur in Standard French) and that's just what this grouo delivers. Founded in 1993 by Jeannot Painchaud, Daniel Cyr and Julie Hamelin, the talented team have created nine original productions so far and showcased more than 4,000 performances worldwide.

Now Cirque Eloize iD, which took eight month to create, makes its debut performance in Dubai with a visual extravaganza that blends acrobatics, street-dance, hip-hop and extreme sports. It's a world where contemporary circus meets the world of urban dance and we chatted with the show's internationally renowned b-girl break dancer Nadia Lumley about it all.

Nadia has been performing with the Cirque for a year and a half and is very excited ahead of the debut Dubai performance. She said, "The Cirque is just incredible and the audience will be amazed. It's two hours of non-stop thrills and spills. It's crazy,  vibrant and full of energy. We all have a lot of fun and you can see it, I think that’s the biggest draw for our show apart from the technique which goes behind the acrobats and the circus, it gives the audience something different to watch”.  

Nadia reveals that it's no easy life touring with the Cirque, she has to train every day as well as perform in a daily show. “It’s obviously a lot physically but we love it”. Phew, we’re tired just watching them!

INFO: Tickets Dhs150 (balcony), Dhs250 (sliver), Dhs350 (gold), Dhs500 (platinum), Dhs1,000 (diamond),, Thursday 15 August to Saturday 24 August, Dubai World Trade Centre.