Cindy Crawford Fears Her Kids Could Be Poisoned

Scared supermodel takes her kids out of school
ByNathalie ViranyiWednesday , 20 August 2014
Cindy Crawford Fears Her Kids Could Be Poisoned
Cindy Crawford fears for the safety of her kids

Cindy Crawford and her husband Randy Gerber have decided to take their children out of their elite California high school, afraid they might be at risk of poisoning.

Her beautiful daughters Presley Gerber, 15, and Kaia Gerber, 12, were supposed to start their classes at Malibu High School this week, but the supermodel refuses to let them attend after hearing about the discovery of elevated levels of toxicant polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) in the school's window caulking, detected through routine soil tests. The chemicals are linked to cancer and can cause skin conditions such as rashes.

Although officials have confirmed their plans to remove the caulking from the affected classrooms and periodically monitor the air and dust, Crawford is keeping her kids from school, as the supermodel mom insists the danger is not being taken care of thoroughly enough.

She told NBC correspondent Maria Shriver, "I don't feel 100 per cent safe... I'm very frustrated and I'm very disappointed at the way this has been handled. The problem, for me, is that they haven't tested the source... I think that air testing and water testing are a great piece of the puzzle. Unless they're testing every day, how do I know that every day it's safe for my kid?"

We totally get you Cindy, nothing is worse than fearing for the safety of your children!