Christina Aguilera

Christina Destroys Her Career

30 Jan 2011

Violent Catfights, Drunken Rants And Bad Behaviour… Xtina’s ruining her reputation

With her latest album bombing in record sales and her debut acting role in Burlesque panned by critics, sources claim Christina Aguilera has turned to drinking and abusing fellow celebrities for attention.

And sources claim the singer’s wayward behaviour is so bad, the doors to Hollywood are gradually closing on her.

Bad Mouthing Colleagues

Angry that her film career didn’t take off as she expected, with critics calling her performance “truly awful”, Christina hit out at Burlesque co-star Julianne Hough at a celeb party, after the Dancing With The Stars two-time winner received rave reviews.

Eyewitnesses claim Xtina stormed up to Julianne and started attacking her –  "Julianne shouted ‘don’t touch me’.”

Partygoers, which included Julia Roberts, Colin Firth, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Julianne’s boyfriend Ryan Seacrest, stood back as the two women were eventually separated by minders.

Ever since Lady Gaga came on the scene, it's been hard for other stars to make an impact. Before Christina's raunchy acts were enough to garner attention but now they don't raise any eyebrows compared to Gaga's wacky routine. Christina would understandably feel left out.

The singer's  popularity crash has also been linked to her separation from music marketer, Jordan Bateman. “He’s a good guy,” disclosed a source. With Jordan proving popular,  Xtina's move to dating Matt Rutler could've been the final nail in her career coffin.

Drunk And Disorderly?

When Ricky Gervais made fun of Burlesque at the Golden Globes, Christina seemed drunk and  fell over.

The dwindling star also embarrassed herself  at Jeremy Renner’s 40th birthday bash that she ended up in the Hurt Locker actor’s bed. Jeremy spilled, “Someone says she’s in my room. I run up and I’m like, ‘What you doing?’ She starts slurring and her boyfriend’s rubbing her back. Who comes to someone’s party that they don’t know and gets in their bed? My parents were there!”

It seems if Christina really wants to stand out she needs to start cleaning up her act.