Christina Aguilera's Body Battle

09 Oct 2012

Fears for Christina Aguilera as she downs fizz and binges on pasta

It would seem that Christina Aguilera has a pretty flexible approach to dieting and getting fit. The formerly slimline singer and judge on The Voice (who recently blasted critics questioning her expanding waistline) is reportedly mainlining fizz and hoovering down plates of pasta and doesn’t think she needs to hit the gym to burn it off. Interesting plan, Chris.

Star reported, “During a dinner at Spago, Christina drank so much vino and fizz that she couldn’t even walk to her car. Her boyfriend of two years, Matt Rutler, once again had to act as caretaker to his bingeing girlfriend.” Oh dear, that’s embarrassing.

A chatty insider told the weekly, “Christina loves to drink and has a problem with knowing when enough is enough. Matt has told Christina that she should slow down on the vino when they are at dinners, but she gets mad and tells him she’ll do what she wants.” Imagine her and Britney on a night out!

The source added, “It’s obvious Christina has put on a lot of weight – she lives on fizz and pasta. But she still believes she is healthy and doesn’t think that she needs to work out.” The mum-of-one doesn’t care, despite her boyfriend and management’s concerns. Maybe she needs a Weight Watchers intervention?