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Christiano Siriano is Launching a Fragrance Line

31 Aug 2014

Renowned American fashion designer is all set to redesign your perfume wardrobe

Christiano Siriano has time and again proven that he certainly knows a thing or two about creating pieces to perfectly flatter a woman’s shape, so it’s only fitting that his first venture into the perfume world is titled Silhouette.

“We’re about dressing all types of women, and I wanted the fragrance to feel the same way. Even down to the name, Silhouette, we wanted it to feel like it could be for every woman—she can be any size, any age, any shape, and it’s all about celebrating the silhouette of a woman.” said the excited fashion designer about his new fragrance foray.

According to Siriano, the shape of the bottle has been constructed in hours of fashionable engineering. The result is a twisted, pleated gown appearance, which is something reoccurring throughout his collections, so it’s almost become his very own signature shape.

The scented juice inside the bottle promises to be just as elegant. Throughout its making, Christiano was able to channel his inner scientist during the many visits to the scent lab. Funny enough, he even saw parallels between the process of designing a fragrance, and designing a piece of clothing: “It’s really similar to how I choose fabrics and build on top of things to create a texture. It was cool to see these similarities, and being in the lab was such a learning process.” said the 28-year old.

With an impressive list of celebrity clients such as Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna, we can’t wait to join the ranks of the luxury brand’s fashion recipients!

INFO: Silhouette will officially launch in September, Dhs250 to Dhs337 available at