Christian Louboutin Creates New Stiletto-Inspired Nail Polish Collection

Christian Louboutin Creates New Stiletto-Inspired Nail Polish Collection

12 Oct 2014

Renowned designer unveils new Loubi Under Red nail polish line

As the legend goes, Christian Louboutin’s iconic red sole was born the day the footwear maestro grabbed a bottle of red nail polish and smeared it on the bottom of a shoe to give it a little more ‘oomph’. And now, you ladies can mimic the same revered style on your fingertips with the designer’s latest addition to his nail polish venture, the Rogue. Loubi Under Red, is the first ever polish designed to be used on the underside of your nails to give a complete look, much like the coveted heels of the design house. Talk about a fitting homage to the labels origin!

Speaking to WWD magazine, Louboutin said he took a unique approach to the exciting new line, which was inspired by his stilettos.

“If I do beauty, I have to do it my way, I am someone who likes statement objects,” said the designer. “Given that my shoes were born from the idea of splashing polish on soles, the new under-nail color range is a perfect addition to my brand.”

The new polish line features a pen-like tip for maximum precision whilst application. And much like its muse, the line’s discreet yet bold scarlet-red effect will give your claws an instant glam-boost - And what’s more is that the range’s flexible nylon applicator will work just as well to create any sort of nail art designs.

So, if you’re feeling a flip-side mani, this new creation by Louboutin is definitely for you!

INFO: The Loubi Under Red prices start from Dhs165, available on starting October 13.