Chris Evans an Jenny Slate Confirm their Relationship

Chris Evans an Jenny Slate Confirm their Relationship

27 Jun 2016

The Captain America star and the Obvious Child actress finally make their red carpet debut

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate were rumoured to be dating last month as they’re working on an upcoming movie together, Gifted.

At the premiere of Jenny’s new movie, The Secret Life of Pets, Chris came to support Jenny and they both posed for pictures together. While Evans didn’t say anything to reporters, Slate gushed about her new superhero boyfriend.

“I haven’t really had a large premiere before, so it’s nice to have someone who knows how it goes,” she said. “It’s kind of like I got my dream seventh grade boyfriend… I was a little scared because I kind of felt like, ‘Well, I don’t know him and he’s a giant man with huge muscles-and he’s Captain America, how could we ever connect? The first night we hung out, I was like wow I could hang out with Chris for, like, 90 hours’” Slate continued.

Chris reciprocated Jenny’s thoughts and he said, “We’re like the same animal”. How adorable is this relationship? Plus, Jenny put her hand on his chest while they were taking pictures which is hard evidence that they’re dating. Trust us. It’s practically science.