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Chris Eubank in Dubai: Boxing and Fitness Tips, Stylish Celebs and Severe Methods

05 Jan 2014

Boxing great Chris Eubank lets us in on his dream Dubai holiday and lots more

How was your Christmas and New Year in Dubai?
Having the greatest fun I’ve had all year and being with excellent friends and my four children. My three boys (Christopher Jr, Sebastian and Joseph) who are bigger than me with their attitude, stronger than me physically, have no understanding of experience or how valuable it is, which has made the fun challenging and non-stop as is the love of a family. My beautiful daughter Emily returned to the UK on Christmas Eve having spent six days in Dubai, managing us, looking after us, enjoying the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. We have all enjoyed the restaurants, the nightlife and the incredible ambience that Dubai is so well known for. 

You've talked about wanting to buy a home in Dubai in the past. Has that happened already?
I am currently focusing my interests in the UK but will always have a place in my heart for Dubai and plan on visiting often.

You met up with Amir Khan, who was also in town for a gym launch. What did you chat about?
We spoke about the state of boxing today, his possible future encounter with Floyd Mayweather Jr, with my mentoring/advice I gave him a view on how the sport is today. Exchanging pleasantries and the respect one competitor has for another while at the opening launch of a fantastic facility. I brought my sons with me and they used the facility to train on the day.

Have you thought about start a boxing academy here?
I will not open an academy in Dubai because others are doing theirs and there are plenty of places people can now do this in Dubai. However, if I start a chain of gyms, I believe my philosophy of boxing is too stringent for those who would find the current gyms coming up around Dubai pleasurable. My methods are severe and the people who are benefiting from it the most are those who are in the business and are serious about it, namely my sons.

How is Chris Jr's boxing career coming along? Does he remind you of yourself?
His career is coming along nicely, he has recently signed to my promotional company, and is being coached by myself. He has had 12 fights and 12 wins because he has listened to my instruction. It seems in my view he is unstoppable, irrepressible and his fortitude is stoic. Putting aside my position as his father, objectively the young man is frightening in the ring. If one can follow a severe form of instruction and one can project what my son seems to be projecting, this is the material it takes to make a champion.

You're known for your sense of style. Who do you think are the most stylish celebs around?
Everybody is stylish, only you have to see it from their point of view and sometimes we can’t always see the view point of the person in question.

Team Ahlan! is mostly all-girls (just one guy on our team). What tips would you give us girls if we wanted to take it up?
Boxing training for women is a great workout and form of exercise. It teaches self-defense, it inspires confidence. Understanding that the first rule to implement within yourself is that you’re going to have to start living by truth to compete at a high level in this life to be a boxer. One must set a schedule and keep to it, and not deviate from that schedule. Training is paramount and it’s not a case of training being difficult, it’s completing and maintaining the schedule. The key to winning is persisting longer than your adversary, regardless of whether you are being beaten or not.

Tell us your top fitness tips
My number one fitness tip is however fit you want to be, keep your routine. If you only want to be 50 per cent fit, then only keep your routine 50 per cent of the time. If you want to be 100 per cent fit, make it a way of life 100 per cent of the time. Routine is everything and should not be deviated from.